Top 5 Luxury SUVs

The world of luxury SUVs has exploded with models from top manufactures appearing and seemingly no end to their might and glory. Here are 5 top luxury SUVs you can have today. Bentley Bentayga Max Power:  ... Read More.

Eco-Luxury Domes in Quebec

Fancy a unique experience in the forests of Quebec? Then look no further than these luxury eco-domes near Le Massif de Charlevoix ski range in Quebec, Canada. The domes are located on a mountain in Petite-Rivi... Read More.

A Tiny Luxurious Cabin on Bruny Island

This small but cosy home offers a quiet retreat from day-to-day life, perched on 99 acres of land on Bruny Island, Australia. Perfect for star-gazing, relaxing afternoons in the sun and reconnecting with oneself and nature. Source: Archello... Read More.
Finca Aguy Retreat

Prefab Retreat in Finca Aguy, Uruguay

Built 200km from its final resting place this compact and modern cabin is nestled on a hillside in Finca Aguy, Uruguay. The prefab process allowed the building to utilize high-precision industrial materials as ... Read More.