5 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $150


This year we’d like to celebrate mom with an assortment of gifts under $150. Gifts don’t need to be expensive, just thoughtful, show her you put some thought into a gift by considering what your mom likes to do in her spare time, what kinds of accessories or presents she’d really use and what best matches her style. And don’t forget to say thank you and “I love you” this mother’s day!

The Wanderer

As a child, it’s your responsibility to ensure your parents don’t look their age, this is easier for some than others but either way, there’s no going wrong with a stylish felt fedora or a patterned silk scarf to accent your mother’s beauty. Get one or in combination to gift the perfect summer duo of fresh, stylish accessories for mom.

Take Your Things, Mom

Giver her something to get out with, this vegan leather bag from Mat&Nat is simple, stylish and fresh. She’ll love the sleek lines and designer look of this bag, and you won’t go broke getting it for her!

In the Kitchen

If your mom or anyone in your family enjoys cooking they’ll love the way this Le Creuset dutch oven heats on or in any stove, combine with a set of quality rubber spatulas for baking and you’ve got yourself a recipe for delight. We can’t guarantee a perfect flavour though.

Music for Mom

Does your mom enjoy listening to music? Then these B&O Play BeoPlay H3 earbuds might be for her. Available in three colours including champagne, these earbuds are comfortable and produce high-quality sound.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get mom, but want to give her a chance to get something nice, consider a gift card from Sephora or Saks 5th Avenue. Ranging from $10 to $250+ you can get a few from a couple places or one in any amount you want.

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