A Spring Time Favourite – The Hyacinth


For as long as memories can be remembered the hyacinth has been a spring time favourite both in appearance and in scent. It’s variety of colours has always been a tell-tale sign that spring has arrived and the long sunlit days are just around the corner! It’s sweet and involving, but not overpowering scent is a welcome greeting upon arriving home or passing by these delightful flowers. We like to keep them around for as long as possible and enjoy them enthusiastically when they are here because they do tend to sprout up as if by magic over night, bloom and fade away making room for spring and summer’s next flower to fill our homes and our heads with wonder and beauty.

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Seeing is Believing

To enjoy the delicate appearance of this amazing flower all year round try this beautiful wall decal available in a variety of sizes from Amazon.

Hyacinth Wall Decal

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Year Round Enjoyment

To enjoy the scent of the hyacinth all year round try Sencha Bleu No. 57 Eau de Parfum, from Tokyo Milk with fragrance of hyacinth, iris, citrus zest and crisp greens. Amazon.Sencha Bleu No. 57 Eau de Parfum

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