Activité by Withings Is A Distraction Free Smart Watch


Smart watch makers have forgotten that a watch is jewellery first and a digital device second.

Does anyone really need or even want a screenful of nonsense on their wrist? No, probably not. All we really want is an elegant watch that tells time and happens to offer more. The Activité by Withings combines the timeless style and sleekness of a French inspired timepiece with the quality and sophistication from Swiss watch-making expertise.

Don’t let the Activité’s simple looks fool you, it’s a fully functional pedometer that works while you’re walking, running, cycling, swimming and sleeping. With the ability to automatically sense what activity you’re doing it calculates and sends data to your mobile for viewing. The watch includes two straps – one French Calf Leather and one rubberized for sports; the sapphire scratch-proof unbreakable glass is responsive, so you can check what time your alarm is set to; and possible the most exciting it knows where you are and adjusts the time accordingly without you having to tell it.

Activité is a finely crafted distraction free smart watch created by a team of prestiges designers in Paris – this is a must to ad to your watch box and if you want to make the most of it, wear every day.


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