Aerion AS2 In The Air

Aerion AS2 – NYC to London in 3 Hours


The era of the venerable Concorde has passed, the technological achievement of hurdling a 78,000 kg object made of steel at a speed faster than sound is something that has yet to be accomplished with a commercial aircraft – until now. The Aerion AS2 is the next commercial plane with a top speed of Mach 1.6 or nearly 2,000 kph (1 960.0704 to be exact).

Not only will the Aerion AS2 have a top speed of Mach 1.6 but it will offer an international range and an interior on par with a first class cabin from your favourite airline.

No specialized equipment will be needed to land or takeoff, which means you can use the Aerion AS2 at any commercial or private airport you already fly in and out of with an existing jet. Utilizing both subsonic and supersonic speeds the Aerion AS2 takes advantage of speed and efficiency to make your trip shorter than ever before.

Chicago to Frankfurt in 5 hours
Chicago to Frankfurt in 5 hours 8 Minutes.

Beauty In The Sky

Beautiful proportions and ingenious design combine to create something that is not only functional and comfortable, but incredibly sleek
and  sexy too. As is common in this type of plane (subersonic) the wings sit near the rear of the jet and the fuselage extends forward, tapering at the front to a point.

Totalling 49m in length with a wingspan of 21m with a fuselage of just 2.2m at it’s widest – it’s not the largest plane you’ll ride on.

Aerion AS2 In The Air Aerion AS2 In The Air 2 Aerion AS2 In Hanger

Tantalizing Interiors

Any airline carrier or private enterprise/individual that happens to get a hold of an Aerion AS2 will have the luxury of creating an interior to fit their needs, they’ve given us an idea of things we may look forward to with these contemporary and modern interiors.

Internal dimensions of just 9.1m and a maximum width of 2.2m and 1.9m of head room, you start to get a sense of where everything is being stored. While people ride at the front, storage and even fuel are stored at the rear of the jet.

Aerion AS2 Interior Contemporary Aerion AS2 Interior Modern

Sonic Boom

US law prohibits any flight over land that will produce a sonic boom, this doesn’t mean the Aerion AS2 has to slow down too much, though. Boomless flight is possible at speeds of up to Mach 1.2 and over many countries these regulations do not exist, although we’ll see how long that lasts if jets like the Aerion AS2 start becoming more common place. For the record – Mach 1.2 is still nearly 1,500 kph, so we can’t complain too much.

Source: Aerion Supersonic 

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