The Alen 68 by Alen Yachts is the largest of their line at 20.32 M in length, while not a giant yacht this adequately sized vessel provides enough space to comfortably sleep from two to 5 people depending on the interior configuration. Although to be quite honest we’d choose something in between the two they offer to sleep about four.

With a top speed of 45 knots and a maximum range of 315NM the Alen 68 is best suited to short day trips and relaxing cruises along the coastline of your favorite land mass. We are a fan of just-the-right-sized yachts and this falls perfectly into our definition of that. With room for a seedoo or some small toys at the aft of the boat and a convertible roof to keep one dry if the weather turns wet this little craft offers all the space you and a few friends need to enjoy a day or a couple days on the water or an evening enjoying some fireworks in the harbour.


Alen 68 ExteriorAlen 68 Exterior Alen 68 Exterior Alen 68 Exterior Storage Alen 68 Exterior Convertible Alen 68 Exterior Rear Alen 68 Exterior Lounge Alen 68 Exterior Captain Alen 68 Exterior Dinning Alen 68 Exterior Kitchen Alen 68 Interior Living Space Alen 68 Interior Lounge Alen 68 Interior Lounge Alen 68 Interior Owners Cabin Alen 68 Interior Owners Cabin Alen 68 Interior Desk Alen 68 Interior Owners Bathroom & Closet Alen 68 Interior Bathroom Alen 68 Interior Kitchen