Another Winning Pant from Outlier


Yet another winning pant from Outlier, the 60/30 Chino will take you to work and out that evening without a second thought. Made of a cotton and nylon blend these pants offer a fitted look and feel while providing the space and [four-way stretch] required to actually have a life. As with other Outlier pants these are woven to stay clean, water and dirt wicks off easily for a low maintenance garment you can wear again and again without worrying about – and isn’t that the point. With military style construction and machine washable these pants make a great impression, combine their amazing quality and style with the matching blazer and you’ve got yourself a Casually Opulent combination of style, versatility and quality.

Outlier products are produced in limited quantities and batches. If your size and colour isn’t available sign up to receive alerts for when the next batch is ready for sale.

Another Winning Pant from Outlier Outlier Chinos Another Winning Pant from Outlier 207-OUTLIER-6030Chino-TanButton 303-OUTLIER-6030Chinos-TanBack 204-OUTLIER-6030Chino-OliveWaistTop

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