The Artful Opulence of Mens Socks


Before socks people wrapped their feet in cloth to protect them, eventually someone figured out that it was possible to sew these things together or even better knit them using thick yard to make socks that fit snugly and keep feet warm as well as protect them from, well shoes really. Socks have come a long way since those times, we’ve even gotten past the bland boring colourless affair that burdened society for far too long and have happily moved into a time when men and women a like may wear socks of a seemingly infinite colour and pattern. Although just because one can wear just about any colour or pattern does not mean that one should. 

The artful Opulence of mens socks allows men of all ages to include a bit of flare and indulgence in a world that is otherwise fairly black and grey. We’ve collected a sample of photography to inspire your wardrobe and a few links to some of our favourite purveyors of mens socks.

For some sound advice on how to wear and match socks head over to and check out the article. Possibly the most important thing to take from this is that socks should be matched to pants, if you take nothing else from this remember that.

Happy Socks | Original Penguin | Club Monaco | J. Crew | Paul Smith

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