Bikes by BMW


If cycling is something you enjoy or if you use a bike for your main transportation [we’re looking at you Copenhagen] then having a sturdy well built bike may be important to you. Or perhaps you use a bike for pleasure taking long rides around Central Park in NYC or Stanley Park in Vancouver BC or perhaps Hyde Park in London; if that’s the case having a Casually Opulent bike may be a nice indulgence for you.

These gorgeous bikes from BMW are not only exquisitely built but they’re Casually Opulent too. With their classic yet forward design these bicycles offer the discerning rider what they need and want in a bike. We love the metallic grey with red wheels, it’s sharp and fresh and just the right amount of Opulence.

As an added bonus make sure to ask the concierge for a bicycle the next time you’re at a Fairmont. Most properties offer BMW bicycles to guests so they can get around the city in style. BMW | Fairmont

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