Casually Opulent Valentines Day


Valentines Day – a day to declare to the world your love for your significant other; and adorn them diamonds, gold, crystals and other examples of fine craftsmanship. While this day of love and romance shouldn’t be about how big of stone you get or how expensive that bottle of champagne is we at Casual Opulence believe that one (especially a woman) deserves to be adorned in fine things – so pay attention men.

We’ve listed our top 10 Valentines gifts for 2014 with links! While most of these are for the ladies there are a few so that those ladies can reward their man too.

Precious Moments

For many, time is the most costly commodity and the one is hardest to come by. This year take the time to relax and replenish with a romantic or exciting vacation. Show your love that you intend to follow through this time with a gift card. Check out the Four Seasons Paris Presidential Suite or perhaps if you want to wait for it to open make plans to visit the Ritz-Carlton Tamuda Bay, Morocco; part of the Reserve Collection. Either way make sure to take the time to love your loved one.


Tiffany Enchant Heart Pendant

Sometimes a simple gesture of 19th century iron gates in the shape of a heart says all the words you can’t find. From Tiffany, this pendant can be worn all year round so she will never forget your love for her.


Candles and Room Sprays by Voluspa

Everyone appreciates a nice candle or room spray from time to time, check out one of our favorite brands Voluspa. Welcome spring with Japanese Plum Bloom room spray or settle in for a relaxing evening with Coeur de Cassis from the MAISON Do’r Collection.  And a hint, these can often be found on one of our favorite websites Gilt


For Him

We haven’t forgot the men out there, this Valentines Day get your man something he’ll appreciate and we think you will too. Sometimes your man will need to remove that sexy beard of his for whatever reason and these gifts will help ensure he does it right. Start with The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave from The Art of Shaving, available at Sephora online and in store or directly from The Art of Shaving in a wide variety of scents here. A proper shave requires a good blade so if these kits are a bit more than you want to spend consider signing him up to Dollar Shave Club, this service will ship 4-5 fresh blades a month of his choice; blades come in three choices and they ship to Canada!

Also make sure to check out The Art of Shaving’s Gift Guide for some more exciting things!


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