Chilled Soups Inspired by Fairmont


Four delicious chilled soups inspired by Fairmont chefs and properties from around the globe. Pair one of these soups with one of our Warm Weather Cocktails Inspired by Fairmont and you’ve got yourself a delightful afternoon under a canopy in the sunshine.

Chilled Pea Soup with Tomato and Shrimp

This delicious pea and tomato with shrimp soup comes from the Fairmont Staff. The shrimp comes as the garnish so  you could be creative and use any other seafood or vegetarian garnish you choose, just make sure it doesn’t ruin the flavour of the peas.


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Chilled Melon & Coconut Soup

All you need to make this recipe is a blender and press puree! While the combination may sound a bit wrong, we approve of this refreshing and fruity summer soup.

Hotel Website | Twitter | Recipe

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Mango Carrot Soup

Who knew if you combined these ingredients you’d be left with a delicious chilled soup!? Jean Soulard, that’s who, the executive chef [of where we’re not sure]. The key here is to prepare the mango and peppers about twenty-five minutes in advance, then continue with the carrot soup.


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Enjoy this classic spring soup with this recipe from Fairmont Chicago, Millenium Park. Head to the farmers market for these great ingredients and put them together for this tantalizing classic.

Hotel Website | TwitterRecipe

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