Colourize Your Life With COACH


COACH explorer bag

Available in the standard black and brown, but more importability in these fresh and bright Green, Blue and Yellow for those that enjoy a bit of pizazz! Offering amble room for a week long trip (if you’re careful) these wonderfully exciting bags are exciting and bold. It’s not written anywhere but we’re fairly certain this bag is carry-on sized, it’s squishy so it will fit in that overhead bin or under the passenger seta in front of you, right? Making it the perfect petite-weekend companion.  COACH EXPLORER BAG.

COACH hudson 5 bag

If you’re looking for a bit more of a daily user, then the hudson 5 bag may give you what you need. This standard briefcase sized bag comes in the same bold colours as above with the added red, and the standard boring brown and black. If all you have to carry is a laptop and some papers this is great, don’t’ expect to get much of a snack beyond a granola bar in this bag though, as it is rather narrow. But I suppose these are the sacrifices we make for having a bold personality aren’t they?  COACH HUDSON 5 BAG.

COACH bowery crossbody bag

Heading to the beach or on an afternoon shopping tour? the bowery crossbody bag may give you what you need to get by. Large enough to hold your passport, cash, iPhone and a few snacks and goodies like those precious receipts for tax free shopping, the bowery crossbody bag is sleek, slim with just a small pop of colour.  COACH BOWERY CROSSBODY BAG.

COACH campus pack

Going for a hike or maybe you need to carry some wine? The campus pack offers the comfort of a backpack [almost] with it’s single shoulder style strap. Available in just two exciting colours; Green and Blue, but also two shades of brown and boring black. While not our favourite of the bunch it comes in green so that makes us happy.  COACH CAMPUS PACK.

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