Everlane Weekender Bag


This simple and elegant 100% twill bag has been designed to fit in any overhead compartment so you don’t need to worry about checking a bag on your next petite-weekend. The Everlane Weekender Bag is a perfect example of simplicity and elegance, it’s simple style and subtle textures and wide variety of colours combined with it’s reasonable price make it an item you can easily accessorize with. Our favourite color is the Reverse Denim and the Navy Stripe, check it out and make sure to have a look at their other bags.

Everlane Weekender Bag

Everlane, Radical Transparency

Everlane takes pride in knowing their factories and the prices associated with their products from start to finish. Making frequent visits to their factories ensuring a high level of quality while building meaningful relationships. Markup is kept at a minimum making high end products available at much more affordable prices than competing brands’ products, Everlane makes wonderful products and helps take care of the people involved in the process and we love them for that.

About Everlane
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