The Fashionable Zik Headphones by Parrot


Parrot, the company behind those exciting remote controlled planes and drones you can buy at Best Buy or Future Shop also makes an incredible pair of headphones you didn’t even know existed. The Zik headphones have been painstakingly crafted by Philippe Starck to reflect modern, sophisticated design as well as the ultimate in performance. Crafted with supple leather, steel and memory foam these headphones don’t just sound amazing they look it too.

The Design

When you pick up the Zik headphones the first thing you’ll notice is they’re weight, or lack of. Your hands fit perfectly around the sculpted ear pieces and the leather wrapped part that sits on your head is soft yet durable. Memory foam envelopes your ears to create a soft and extremely comfortable seal, no more do your ears get pushed around by sub-par hard stiff rubber and foam. Once comfortably nestled on your head you can use your finger on the touch sensor to change the volume or change songs. A motion sensor knows when you’ve removed them and let them rest on your neck and automatically pauses the music and a jaw sensor on the inside of device knows when you’re talking and again, pauses the music.

Available in several colour combinations; White + Gold, Black + Black Gold, White + Rose Gold, and the classic Black + Silver. There is certainly a color combination that will tickle your fancy and make you smile.

The Sound

Forget Bose, forget Sennheiser the Zik by Parrot are exceptional. With active noise cancellation via four microphones they manage to block out almost all exterior noise. With the available app (iOSAndroid, WindowsOS) you can enable Concert Hall Effect furthering the awesomeness of Zik. With the built-in bluetooth you can pair your Zik headphones with your Mac or Windows computer and play music normally with your favourite app such as Rdio or iTunes. If pairing is an issue for you fret not, the Zik has NFC as well to make paring as easy as nudging your Zik and phone together and if you don’t have Bluetooth you can always use the included cable to plug in like the good old days.

It’s difficult to explain the quality of sound as it’s not something one can easily demonstrate without a lot of equipment to measure things we don’t quite understand. So we’ll say this, the sound from the Zik headphones is like going to one those fancy show rooms that has super expensive high tech sound equipment in a room and you select the best speaker combination and turn it up, it remains clear, the highs are high, the lows are low, even though these are headphones they have amazing and realistic base.

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