Four Compact Hatchbacks That Need to Come to Canada


Mercedes-Benz A Klasse

The Mercedes A Class is a compact five door hatchback that is about the size of a Volkswagen Golf. In Europe it exists in various diesel and petrol engines as well as an AMG version which has a 360 hp four cylinder turbo-charged engine. If you just have to have this car, you can’t – but you can get a Mercedes GLA, which is essentially an A Class on stilts.

Mercedes-Benz GermanyMercedes A-Klasse

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is more or less a smaller version of the Golf. It comes in two and four door variants with a plethora of engine options – and it’s darn cute! Well there’s not much more to be said, it’s a smaller version of the golf, drives great, looks fabulous and firs in those tight spots outside your favourite brasserie.

Volkswagen Germany

Volkswagen Polo

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

The five door compact tourer is based on the 2-Series we get in Canada, but has 4 doors and a hatch! It’s equivalent to the Mercedes B Class in size but being a BMW comes with a more sporty and energetic appearance. Sadly there’s nothing like it we can get in Canada, except perhaps an X1, but those have an outgoing interior and less than amazing finishings inside. If you want something this size and looks similar you’ll have to go for a B Class until BMW decides to bring it over to us.

BMW Germany

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Volvo V40 & V40 Cross Country

Currently the smallest Volvo you can buy in Canada is the S60/V60 line, which is an entire class above the V40. For some reason Volvo has entirely left behind the compact car segment in Canada with the discontinuation of the C30. The V40 is another 5 door hatch that excels at being awesome. It’s striking Scandinavian inspired looks combined with the epic safety of a Volvo make it a unique and wonderful city car.

Volvo Germany

Volvo V40

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