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With an overwhelming response in 2015 Private Jet Experiences, Four Seasons has released their 2016 itineraries featuring refreshed versions of the previous years trips. With two entirely new experiences focusing on adventure and cultural exploration. Watch this brief video of the making of the gorgeous jet, followed by the 2016 itineraries. See the bottom for a link to the website.

“The launch of the hotel industry’s first fully-branded Private Jet earlier this year was in response to the growing demand among modern luxury travellers for a fully immersive Four Seasons experience both in the air and on the ground,” says Christopher W. Norton, Executive Vice President, Global Product and Operations at Four Seasons.

Our new 2016 itineraries offer guests the opportunity to experience new and exciting destinations while enjoying the uncompromised luxury and customized service they have come to expect from Four Seasons.

The Itineraries

Timeless Discoveries

Timeless Discoveries: An Around the World Journey

Los Angeles → Kona → Bora Bora → Sydney → Bali → Chiang Mai → Taj Mahal & Mumbai → Prague → London

The most popular, and sure to sell out quickly so book soon, this journey around the world. From beaches in Bora Bora to opulent cities and island paradises.

(January 26 – February 18) – USD $125,000

International Intrigue

International Intrigue: An Around the World Journey

Seattle → Tokyo → Beijing → Maldives → Serengeti → Istanbul → St. Petersburg → Marrakech → Boston

A trip to some of the worlds most exciting and intriguing cities this journey features some of Four Seasons newest properties and even a private dinner at the Great Wall of China. Embark on this thrilling 24 day journey and you’ll know what it is to live on Earth.

(April 14 – May 7) – USD $125,000

Extraordinary Adventures

Extraordinary Adventures: An Around the World Journey

Austin → Costa Rica → Hawaii → Sydney → Langkawi → Mauritius → Serengeti → Petra & the Dead Sea → Lisbon

New for 2016 this journey is for the more adventurous among us. Zip lines, hikes, caves and kayaking are just some of the exciting activities you’ll get to do on this itinerary. Don’t let life get away, capture it with this epic journey.

(September 17 – October 11) – USD $130,000

Cultural Escape

Cultural Escape: Europe, Middle East and Africa

London → Petra & the Dead Sea → Dubai → Seychelles → Serengeti → Florence → London

Immersion is the best way to learn right? So take 19 days to venture to some of the most fascinating places on earth. From the tallest building to the lost city of Petra, and even the healing properties of the dead sea. The best way to live is to immerse yourself in life.

(November 4 – 22) – USD $100,000

Visit the Four Seasons Around The World website to find out more or request a brochure.


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