Koji by Leopard Yachts


Looking for a yacht fit for James Bond or maybe the belligerent Archer? This dark coloured 34m (112ft.) boat by Leopard Yachts is an Opulent and sophisticated vessel offering space to sleep seven guests in 3 cabins as well as 5 crew in another 3 cabins. With a maximum speed of 42 knots and a cruising speed of 33 knots you’ll arrive in style and class with this magnificent beast.

The interior has been made with high quality material with a subtle colour scheme that creates a soothing and warm feeling with occasional splashes of bright colour. We love the dark colour of this boat, it stands out in a literal sea of mostly white floating over the seas. The interior makes us think we should be on a top secret mission for the British government or that we should expect magic to happen.


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