Space + Comfort

The numbers don’t always paint a clear picture, but there is more space, a lot. It’s the small things that make a big difference, like the spot to put your drink on your arm rest, and that same armrest that you don’t share with your neighbour.

I am about 175cm or 5 feet 7 inches tall, so not too tall (nor wide). And the Lufthansa Premium Economy seats were more than adequate to keep me comfortable. With enough space to cross your legs while you relax or if you’re a bit more flexible like the girl in the seat next to me, curl up in the fetal position and fall asleep with her head rested on one side of the adjustable head rests.

If you enjoy sitting next to the window you’ll love the extra room you will receive. Because of the gentle slope of the plane, the window seats have a bit more space from where your seat ends to where your body can go. Allowing you to stretch your legs a bit or even have a couple cm of extra storage.

Reclining is great, unless you have to get up to pee. The seats recline a fair amount, that combined with the foot rest under the seat in front of you, or just the sheer amount of room, someone my size has no trouble stretching out comfortably. But, and here’s the caveat, if you need to pass the isle person, you’ll need to maneuver your body in a way that could be viewed as inappropriate. If you are the person that has to use the washroom or get up often during a flight, please get an aisle seat, you’ll save yours and the person next to you sanity.

Lufthasnsa Seat Compare

The extra room you get in the seat combined with the enjoyable furnishings and surroundings all combine to make an overall more enjoyable experience as a whole.

When flying in economy I often find myself creating distractions with movies, tv shows and games. In Lufthansa’s Premium Economy I found myself rather content to sit with my legs crossed, sipping on a gin and tonic while I watched a new release movie on the giant screen in front of me.


Room to Stretch

Thoughtful Extras

The Premium Economy Amenity kit is adequate, providing an eye mask for sleeping, socks (I like to take mine off and use the flight socks, discarding them at the end of the flight), toothbrush and toothpaste and a refreshing wipe. All in a nice little reusable zip-up pouch.

Throughtout the flight you are treated to hot towels for cleaning and refreshing as well as regular service of beverages and snacks. Not too shabby for a few extra dollars overall.

The seat armrest stores your table, that’s right it comes out of your armrest so the person in front of you moving about won’t affect your meal or work on your laptop. There is also a hidden port for your audio cable, this does the same thing as the port directly on the screen, but this one has the added benefit of not having a cord running infant of you making it difficult for the person next to you to get out and use the washroom.


Under armrest audio connection


Value, like wealth, is not a clear line, it’s highly objective. Did I think what I paid was worthwhile? Absolutely. Would I have if I’d paid another $500.00 CAD, probably. But there is a limit. As with any flight you have to know when to book and book your flight at the right time.

As far as a “was it worth paying extra for?” value, yes, it entirely was. The additional room and service made my flight feel effortless, I slept enough that I woke up in Frankfurt almost 10 hours later, reasonably fresh and alert.

Next time you book a flight see how much it is to get Premium Economy, sometimes you can even find the Premium Economy seats for less than economy!