Mens Spring & Summer Style


Casual Opulence takes on mens spring & summer style with this concise guide to being Casually Opulent this season. From fitted chinos to bags to stuff it all in and take with you, we’ve covered the basics to get you by. We actually own and use most of the items on this list and have tried to include some personal insight whenever possible to help you make your purchasing decisions.

Connor Slim Fit Chino from Club Monaco

This modern slim fit chino from Club Monaco is their slimmest chino yet. Made from lightweight cotton twill with a relaxed but work ready look.

Why We Love It: This pant is versatile and comfortable. Easily going from the office to dinner or even the beach. It’s lightweight material make it comfortable and easy to wear while it’s weave allows for just a bit of stretch but not so much you’ll need to buy it a smaller size.

Available online and in stores.

Connor Modern Slim Fit


Diamond Print Short by Original Penguin

Available in green and blue made of cotton and polyester. This casual short ads a bit of colour and pop to your outfits.

Why  We Love It: It’s casual and fun diamond print on a simple green or blue fabric make it fun enough to wear to a summer BBQ but elegant enough for a more proper gathering as well. As proper as a gathering can be that one might wear shorts at least.

Available online and in stores.

Original Penguin Diamond Shorts

Marlin Hyannisport by TOD’S

This elegant and sophisticated shoe in a variety of colours (leather and sole) is a comfortable and essential part of a mans wardrobe. It’s classic style combined with its exquisite quality make it worthwhile addition for any Casually Opulent Man.

Why We Love It: With the ability to wear it in the warmer months with a chino or even a proper trouser as well as on weekends with shorts and a t-shirt. This versatile and comfortable makes an impression on you and your friends. It fits snug so at first your feet may feel squished around the ankles, but let it wear for a short while and the leather will soften up enough that you’ll wonder how you’ve not had a pair sooner.

Available online and in boutiques.

TOD'S Boat Shoe


Keepall 45 Bandouliere by Louis Vuitton

The iconic Louis Vuitton design with a masculine touch is ideal for the Casually Opulent man on the go. Taking the iconic print of Louis Vuitton the Monogram Macassar Canvas replaces the typical brown accent with black, adding a masculine touch to a highly useful bag.

Why We Love It: The Keepall 45 is the perfect size for a petite weekend on its own or as a carry on for longer trips. It’s versatile hand or shoulder straps are easy to configure and comfortable to use. We recommend staying away from the larger companion the Keepall 55 as it can get a bit cumbersome and could potentially be so big you’ll actually fill it enough that it’s heavy – who wants that.

A little bit of advice, if you plan to purchase and are in Paris, visit the store on Champs-Elysees and have it hot stamped with your initials. The trip upstairs to the room where the man stamps it is part of the journey.

Available online and in stores.

LV-M56711Purple Gingham Shirt by Indochino

This eye-catching purple shirt is an absolute must for spring and summer. It’s bright but subdued print is great for any occasion including the office or summer BBQ.

Why We Love It: Indochino is available exclusivity online and on occasion at Made to Measure events where they take your measurements and build your suite, shirt ect. To make an order online you must create a profile and input your measurements, they will custom tailor your shirt and ship it to  you. Subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Facebook, they often have specials.

Available exclusively online.



The Sentry Leather Watch by Nixon

Japanese movement and natural grain leather strap create this simple and versatile watch. Stitched accents in the leather around the face of the watch add another level of craftsmanship. It also comes in a variety of other colours aside from the brown and silver displayed below.

Why We Love It: The light brown natural grain leather and the simple face of this watch make it easy to wear and read.  Over time this leather will soften and make for a comfortable accessory you won’t want to leave the house without.

Available online and in stores.


Slim Pique Polo by Frank & Oak

Slim and athletic inspired this polo features a subtle slim collar and a small logo.

Why We Love This: Its slim and fitted cut makes it great for days at the beach or out on the town.

Available exclusively online.


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