Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Luxury V-Class


The Marco Polo sets new standards in perceived quality, stylish living and comfortable practicality.

Back in April of this year we posted an article about the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class, the outstandingly fashionable [for lack of better word] minivan from Mercedes. With it’s sharp modern styling and slick looks we were impressed and hoped that more luxurious version would soon be released by tuners. To our surprise and delight Mercedes has made what we like to call Mercedes-Magic and partnered with Westfalia to create a sleeper version of the V-Class all on their own – they’re calling it the Marco Polo.

The Marco Polo sets new standards in luxury and quality in this segment, providing a stylish and comfortable space while retaining that important German practicality we’ve come to love and cherish. Featuring space to sleep for two as well as a table and place to cook the Marco Polo will take you where you want to go and keep you comfortable while you’re there.

The kitchen is bathed in LED lighting and the same piano black you find on the dash of your E-Class adorn the counters. Two gas burners and a 40-litre fridge as well as a 38-litre water tank make cooking real meals possible. source

The luxury camper van will come in three diesel variations and thus far is only available in Germany. Sales start this July.


Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Interior Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Exterior Popup Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Interior Dining

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