Aeroboat Cruising

Sleek, Sexy & Speedy The Rolls-Royce Merlin Powered Aeroboat by Claydon Reeves


Designed after the British World War Two Spitfire the Aeroboat is powered by a 1600 to 2100 HP Rolls Royce engine with a maximum speed of 50 knots. Production is limited to 10 units and can be customized to meet the needs of the buyer.

The sleek, sexy lines of this 7 passenger 14m boat lets you have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a different coastal city of your choice. The below deck area can be configured to your liking and has been shown below with a daybed of sorts – somewhere to get out of the sun and rest while you cruise across the water.

We would love this boat even if it had ores, it’s sleek lines and modern look combined with it’s just enough space for 7 people is the perfect combination to have as your only boat or as a tender on a gigayacht.

Claydon Reeves
Aeroboat Cruising Aeroboat CruisingAeroboat InteriorTop-view-Aeroboat-Rendering Sideview-Aeroboat-Rendering Aeroboat Side View Aeroboat Side Plan

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