MIGALOO The Luxury Submarine You’ve Been Waiting For


Because travelling above water is just not good enough – Austrian design group Motion Code: Blue has come up with a hybrid luxury yacht/submarine to meet the demanding needs of today’s needy. Named after the only white humpback whale in existence this 115M (377 ft.) luxury submarine is a concept for the ultra wealthy with privacy and security in mind. With a custom designed tower that houses a staircase and an elevator the 36 foot wide 377 foot long submarine has ample aft-deck space when not submerged. Features include an 8 x 11 meter pool, helicopter pad and oodles of space for lounging about in the sun – all of which is stored away below the granite decking when submerged.

The living space of the MIGALOO spans six decks of luxury and comfort affording those within the ultra secrecy of travelling below the surface in near complete privacy, or the lavish and enjoyable lifestyle of above surface living on it’s expansive granite decking. In the bow of the MIGALOO one finds a two-level owners suite and private bow terrace. There are six VIP suites for guests to stay and a crew deck to accommodate the plethora of skilled individuals you’ll have to employee to keep the ship running smoothly and comfortably.

Motion Code: Blue

MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_2 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_3 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_4 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_5 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_6 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_7 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_8 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_9 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_10 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_11 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_12 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_13 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_14 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_15 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_16 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_17 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_18 MIGALOO_Private_Submarine_19

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