Bayfield Small (4)

Tote, Backpack & Side Body

You arrive in Heathrow for a layover, you decide to do a bit of shopping, because when else will you get a chance to pay that much for a bag of chips, magazine and a perfume you’ve never heard of.

But your carry-on is already full, but it’s okay! Because you can take out the interior tote and away you go. Just make sure you’re allowed to carry the tote and the backpack on the plane, but you’re on Casual Opulence so it’s probably not an issue.


This versatile and stylish backpack may just be your next carry-on bag, or rather bags! This handy little bag is actually three in one, with an internal tote that zips in seamlessly until you need it and a small side-body sling that zips off the front.

Combined they make one great bag that holds a lot, but separated you’ve got yourself covered for any situation.

Style & Material

The latest collection from TUMI, the Bayfield collection offers compact style and versatility in a calming grey or exciting orange fabric.

Accompanied by simple leather embellishments this bag has a unique and sophisticated style that easily goes from the office to the weekend, and makes it the perfect companion as your carry-on.

The material is similar to a treated canvas, it’s durable and has a good weight to it. In the grey color it’s unlikely one would need to worry about stains or debris on the bag causing a mess or creating an issue.

The bag is styled in a way that it should age gracefully, with it’s simple lines and easygoing attitude, we think this bag in is on point for the casually opulent traveler, offering a modicum of good sense and a handful of freshness.


Function & Form

This unique bag has been made with the traveler in mind, both in form and function. With an internal tote bag that is seamlessly zipped when not in use, and easily removed when needed to the small side body zippy that is useful for carrying smaller things like, camera batteries, your phone and any small flat thing you may find yourself toting around when on vacation.

The backpack portion of the bag contains a dedicated laptop sleeve that is accessible via the top, it’s large enough to hold a 15″ MacBook Pro, even the older thicker ones will fit in here.  This panel goes right against your back so it won’t get knocked or jostled or poked when walking around with the bag on.

Also attached to the main backpack portion of the bag is a small and very convenient pocket for your cell phone, and it fits up to an iPhone 6+ or large Android device like a Nexus 6p. The back of the bag also features a leather fastener to loop over your luggage handle so you can plop this little guy right on top there and strut your way through the airport [don’t pretend, we know you do].


Overall this new line of bags from TUMI is rather impressive, they’ve demonstrated that they’ve considered the actual daily use of the bag and created something that offers good value and a style that is classic and will not age quickly. It is available for $535.00  on the Canadian website and in stores now.

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If your looking for something that does the same thing, they also offer a larger version of the bag that provides even more space Get It Here.

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