A Small House With A Big Pool


This small home was designed to be a guest house of a larger home seen in the background below, however, if you’re of the mind that big is not always better than this small home could easily function as your main abode. Featuring an open living room and kitchen as well as an expansive bathroom and a single bedroom there is more than enough space here for at least one person to live comfortably.

The large sliding glass walls allow the home to be opened up to the grand pool outside and create an increased living space by letting the indoors and outdoors mingle in a glorious and masterful way. We love the vaulted ceilings that allow extra light via the windows, making for a bright space even in the winter months when the walls are closed.

The idea of having this as a primary residence on a small plot of land surrounded by trees much in the way shown below is a very exciting idea for us at Casual Opulence. Small efficient homes like this can cost less, meaning we can spend more time in places love like Paris and Berlin. Just throw in a nice yard with a built-in hot tub and we’re happy, we don’t need a pool but it would be nice.


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