Summer Solstice Picnic


With the summer season upon us and with long sunny days ahead, al fresco dining is in order. Casual Opulence has come up with some delicious treats that are not only simple to make but also wholesome and weather-appropriate for the deck, pool and even the boat!

The Drink

The summer season calls for white wine like a nice sauvignon blanc with citrusy notes. If you’re outside, use some frozen grapes to keep your drink cool but avoid watering it down like ice cubes would.

Pro tip: Make it a spritzer by adding some ginger ale, this is especially great if you’re feeling a little seasick while on the boat.


The Cheese Plate

Cheese plates are always a great idea. It does not require a lot of prep and a multitude of combinations work. Ensure that you have at least three kinds of cheese with distinct flavours and textures, crusty bread, wholemeal crackers, grapes, olives,  some dried fruit (get creative- figs, dates, apricots), and don’t forget to include either a chutney, fruit preserve or honey for a sweet contrast.


Summer Salad

Salads can get tricky when it sits outside in hot weather. You are best off making one that gets better the longer it marinates. Here’s a fool proof recipe from Food Network’s Aarti Party and her version of a Massaged Kale Salad.


The Rollups

Rolls are a hit with kids and adults alike. It is easy to make and quite affordable too! Here’s a recipe from The Pioneer Woman that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning audiences. Avocados, turkey and herbs always make a yummy combination!

tortilla rollups

The Palate Cleanser

Finish up with this refreshing recipe by fitness and lifestyle gurus Karena and Katrina. They combine cucumber, greek yogurt, strawberries and coconut flakes. So simple!

Pro tip: Add a sprig of mint to give it that extra oomph.



We’ve also handpicked some accessories that may interest you for your Summer Solstice picnic.

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