Underwater Master Bedroom

The Floating Seahorse, Dubai UAE


Will you be one of the few that will visit one of these 42 floating homes? Spanning over three floors these one-bedroom luxury floating residences feature sea-level living, below the water master  bedrooms and scenic second for entertaining.

Floating-Seahorse-BathtubGet closer to sea life than ever before in your own home with built in shelves to promote the growth of aquatic plants and fish, you can literally swim with the fish without ever leaving your bathtub.

Let the Arabian Gulf envelop your body through the floor to ceiling windows on all floors. The kitchen and washroom casually slip away when not being used behind sliding wood panels and make for excellent entertaining space.

Below deck you will find a lavish master bedroom with accompanying master bathroom. This is what sets The Floating Seahorse apart from other floating homes, the ability to be fully submerged and enjoy the unique aquatic sea-life in the Arabian Gulf.

Take the stairs to the top level and you’ll find a open space that is partially covered where you and your friends or family can relax and enjoy your own exquisite piece of paradise. Enjoy a refreshing shower, mini bar, kitchenette and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi which acts as a skylight to the living room below.

While not exactly the sort of place you want to live full-time, this could make an excellent destination to go to time after time, or maybe you want to surprise that special someone with a wee present.

Total livable space reaches just under 2,000 square feet with prices starting at 6.5M.

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Outside View Underwater Master Bedroom Living Room

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