Glass Yacht Living Room

The Glass Yacht


The Glass Yacht is a 5,000 something square foot vessel constructed to look more like a modern skyscraper than an ocean going cruiser. Complete with multiple floors, an elevator, and indoor pool and a large staircase at the rear that not only acts as the point of entry but also an expansive stage for entertaining as well as an entry point to the water when at sea.

This type of buoyant architecture is an interesting and welcome diversion from the normal boat shaped yachts bouncing around the oceans, and we quite like the idea of having large-scale vessels that house multiple persons or families even. Could we start seeing more things like this? Could floating apartment buildings be something? Maybe, but for now lets just imagine ourselves sitting on the deck of the Glass Yacht enjoying a nice Cava.

While you can’t have this yet you can check out one of our favourite builders, Wally.

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