The Nest at 8407 Lochside Drive offers a truly Casually Opulence home with incredible views and little to be left desired.

Located near the beautiful city of Victoria BC, this amazing home was constructed to be a haven. Featuring incredible views of the ocean at Haro Straight, this property is built with refined and natural materials creating a warm and safe environment.  With a yard and living areas for fit for entertaining, on a warm summer’s night this property could easily be the counterpoint of your social life.

It’s Casual appeal and minimalistic design combined with the excellent quality of finishings make this property a true Casual Opulence.

The Nest | MLS Listing

The Nest  - Garage The Nest - Foyer The Nest - Stairs The Nest - Living The Nest at 8407 Lochside Drive - Dining The Nest at 8407 Lochside Drive - Bedroom The Nest at 8407 Lochside Drive - YardThe Nest  - Floorplan (main) The Nest - Floorplan (secondary)