The Studio – Simple Elegance Minified


A unique and minimal studio designed for one person, the largest growing segment according to Lunchbox Architect. This 300 square foot apartment in Woolloomooloo, New South Wales, Australia was renovated for just $40,000 – turning it into a colourful and highly functional space. With the washroom and sleeping areas concealed the living space is an open and bright place which offers enough room for one person and some simple furniture. The floor is a thin layer of sealed concrete and the kitchen done in black creates a focal and anchors the space.

We love the simplicity and the hidden features this space offers, creating a sleek and minimal design. We imagine some beautiful furniture coupled with a splash of great art and this place would be a subtle place of Casual Opulence.

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Lunchbox Architect: The Studio

The Studio The Studio The Studio The Studio The Studio The StudioThe Studio Plan

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