Three Days in Paris


Rest + Reprieve

The Westin Paris – Vendôme was our home for the three days we spent in Paris. Our room overlooked the main courtyard, away from the noise and bustling of the busy rue de Rivoli and Jardin des Tuilers. The main lobby enters to the beautiful courtyard which is filled with seating for the hotels cafe, a great spot to get lunch or take peaceful sanctuary from the high speed of the city. As I write this, light music from below fills my room as if being played in the near distance.

Breakfast was taken every morning in Le First Restaurant Boudoir Paris, the main restaurant in the hotel. Each morning was greeted with an expansive and very enjoyable selection of food including; pastries, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, a plethora of cereals and toppings, yogurts of various flavours as well as greek with an expansive table of fruits including; strawberries, kiwi and mango.

If visiting Paris consider the Westin but also make sure to check rates at the Mandarin Oriental which is just next door.

  The Westin Paris - Vendome - Courtyard

Eat + Drink

Among the many places to eat and drink in Paris we found L’ange 20 in the 3rd arrondissements at  8, rue Geoffroy l’Angevin in the area known as La Marais. With a small menu of entrees, plats and desserts one may choose simply to have a main course on its own or a combination of a starter, main and dessert. The food was simple and delicious, I enjoyed a cod fillet over risotto with a lobster sauce and a kir royal to get things started. The portions of the mains were perfect filling myself and my travel companion up without bringing us to the point of being overfilled.

The 20 in the name is how many people the restaurant can hold, so this gives you an idea of how large it is. The kitchen is as big as an apartment kitchen and is at the rear of the tiny restaurant with three people seemingly effortlessly prepare amazing meals for their guests. The single server was impeccably polite and wonderful, it was both the food and him that make L’Ange a nice spot.

If possible call for reservations, don’t worry they speak perfect English if you can’t summon the ability to speak French, and if you just arrive, they generally seemed to give away reservations within 15 minutes of not showing up.

Website | 01 40 27 93 67

Paris, the city of people watching

A popular pass-time done in conjunction with drinking wine or other alcohol or coffee is people watching. the streets of Paris are practically designed to hold fleets of tables and chairs outside every cafe and restaurant all aimed  towards the crowds of hustling Parisians and tourists alike. Enjoying Patios and Coffee

Shop + Spend

One doesn’t need to go far to find a spot to spend all their money in Paris. The city is literally littered with shops and stores offering anything imaginable, if someone will buy it there is at least a dozen stores for that thing, it would seem. We visited the mythical Galeries Lafayette – after several hours our feet were sore and our arms were tired of holding bags.

If you’re looking for something special check out the local Sephora, there are three locations in Paris that carry an exclusive line of mens scents from Givenchey – they will melt your mind and soften your heart, they’re incredible. One can’t say much more.

Galleries Lafayette Paris

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