Unconventional Beautiful Wedding Bouquets


While white roses, peonies or orchids may be a more traditional and safe route to go with our wedding bouquet – those selections can also leave a bit to the imagination. We’ve discovered these Opulent, unconventional beautiful wedding bouquets that stray in some cases far from the norm.

We love the giant snow flake and the Christmasesque versions, but they  limit one to a Winter wedding and we rather like the idea of a Spring/Summer wedding with many splashes of bright colours. Given that our favourite is the oversize paper flower. A wedding should be as unique as the persons getting married and that could mean almost anything, don’t let mainstream society dictate your perfect day.
Artichoke Bouquet Holiday Bulb Bouquet Butterfly Bouquet Cotton Candy Bouquet Crystal Snowflake Bouquet DIY Origami Bouquet Feather Fan Bouquet Felt Craspedia Bouquet Fresh Veg Bouquet Sugar Lemons Bouquet Metallic Bouquet Oversize Paper Flower Bouquet Paper Rose Bouquet Seashell Bouquet Succulent Bouquet Tallow Berry Bouquet

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