Vanhawks Valour Bicylce


The first bike to feature built-in tracking, security and feedback to provide the user with a more useful and engaging riding experience. From Toronto, Canada comes the group behind the minimalist high-tech bike.


The handlebars feature LED lights to help indicate to the user and other cars which direction you intend on going, as well as sensors that provide haptic feedback to let the rider know how close they are to nearby objects while keeping their eyes on the road ahead.


Ergonomic design and materials including the carbon fibre frame, endeavour to create a more comfortable ride position with sculpted hand grips, pedals and seat.


Vanhawks Valour bicycle is constructed with carbon fibre with a design that is inspired by nature. This design not only gives the bike a striking, unique appearance but also adds to its rigidity  and general composition, allowing it to withstand extreme stress. A building in charger is fixed into the front wheel of the bike to ensure that all the onboard gadgets stay charged and ready to go without any extra work from the rider.

Theft Aversion

The Valour connected bike allows it to communicate it’s current or last known position to your home computer or mobile app via [we assume] available and unprotected wi-fi connections.

We love the unique and minimal design that echoes nature and the integration of essential digital equipment that adds value to the things we already do. Available now on Kickstarter at various prices depending on how many they have left of certain categories.

Vanhawks Valour | Kickstarter

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